Hong Kong Chefs Choose Sustainable Seafood: The Grand Hyatt

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The global production of seafood, whether from capture or aquaculture fisheries, has expanded nearly eight times, from 20 million tonnes in 1950 to 158 million tonnes in 2012, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. Together with Foodie, we invited chefs from restaurants around Hong Kong who are already championing the use of sustainable seafood to help us as…

Why fresher isn’t always better?

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Hong Kongers are renowned for their love of seafood. We have the highest per capita consumption in the world. And due to our location, there’s an abundance of choice from all around the globe: Europe, the Americas and of course the Pacific. Thanks to HKIA’s status as a premier hub for air freight, we’re able to enjoy fish that’s been…

Long live fish balls! But where’s the fish?  

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Hong Kongers love fish balls for the aroma of fresh fish and their springy texture. These little balls go down well as a quick bite, in a hot pot or a noodle soup! In 2012, the local media Apple Daily reported that Hong Kong consumed a whopping 375 million of fish balls each day [1]. Commercial fish balls are widely available both at retails and restaurants. What are fish balls made out of? Traditionally, fish balls were made of fish once widely available in…

Calling restaurants and chefs to join the #ChooseRightToday sustainable seafood movement

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We would like to reward you for supporting sustainable seafood! In partnership with Foodie HK, a programme supported by ADM Capital Foundation (also behind last September’s Kin Hong Seafood Festival), we are planning a few initiatives on our end to champion this good cause. If are a sustainable seafood supplier yourself, or know someone who is, read on to see how you can be part of this campaign!…

Panel Discussion: Behind the Scenes with Sustainable Seafood

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Kin Hong seafood is the hot topic of the month, while you can experience sustainable seafood first hand at over 100 restaurants and retailers in the city, you can also get to know the past, current and future of sustainable seafood by joining the panel discussion hosted by Ocean Recovery Alliance, in collaboration with Foodie as part of the Kin Hong Seafood Festival.  In…

Kin Hong Seafood Festival 2017

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A recent survey shows sixty six per cent said the lack of information at the point of purchase is the main barrier to purchasing sustainable seafood, whereas almost half of Hong Kong’s consumers would pay a price premium for a product they know is environmentally friendly. To put this in context, Hong Kong is the 2nd largest seafood consumer in…

Do You Know Where Your Seafood is Coming From?

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Keshia Hannam examines whether there really are ‘plenty of fish in the sea’. Hot on the heels of the release of groundbreaking research by the University of British Columbia, the importance of seafood traceability is highlighted, as is knowing where your food comes from, both for your health and the health of our oceans.