Inspired by generations of fishermen in his family, Leung Ka Shing has devoted himself to raising awareness of responsible fishing, sustainability and fishermen welfare. In 2012, after many years of handling his family’s eyewear business, Leung established KLG Fine Food Company, with a focus on promoting responsible and sustainable practices. Since then, he has worked with various NGOs in raising awareness and ensures his entire team is educated on the importance of sustainable seafood.

In 2015, he developed a brand called ‘FISHMONK’, selling ethically-sourced and certified seafood to both Hong Kong and Mainland consumers. Leung believes consumer education is vital if we are to conserve our marine resources for the future. With his wide range of sustainable seafood, Leung wants the reach the maximum amount of people so they can learn about and enjoy sustainable seafood, varying from fish balls in street stalls to salmon in some of Hong Kong’s top restaurants.

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