Stan Shea


Stan Shea

Marine Programme Director, Bloom Association

Stan’s work in marine conservation has been inspired by many stories and insights gained from local fishermen and seafood traders. He recognizes that overfishing and irresponsible seafood consumption means that our seafood resources are being so significantly depleted, that future generations will not be able to have access to the seafood or the healthy oceans we take for granted today.

An Avid diver, Stan is notably an author of numerous researches on shark fin and seafood trade. He is also one of the editors of the Hong Kong Register of Marine Species.

His recent report on the trade of live reef fish in Hong Kong’s wet markets indicates that we are living under an ‘illusion of abundance’ whereby the vast number of Live Reef Food Fish available in markets does not reflect the reality – that many species are threatened with extinction and today we are seeing an increasing number of juveniles traded because increasingly there are insufficient adults to fish.

Stan has worked tirelessly to inform the public that Hong Kong’s waters are a classic example of the marine resource depletion, a situation that is happening across the globe: on his dives, he sees increasingly fewer species such as groupers and wrasses, which were once plentiful in local waters.

Stan believes that responsible government regulation, business practices and consumption are viable solutions to tackle the oceans and the seafood crisis. He continues to raise awareness, encouraging the public to choose responsibly-sourced seafood and so give our oceans a chance to recover from overexploitation.

Bloom Association

BLOOM is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 that works to preserve the marine environment and species from unnecessary destruction and to increase social benefits in the fishing sector. BLOOM wages awareness and advocacy campaigns in order to accelerate the adoption of concrete solutions for the oceans, humans and the climate. BLOOM carries out scientific research projects, independent studies and evaluations that highlight crucial and unaddressed issues such as the financing mechanisms of the fishing sector. BLOOM’s actions are meant for the general public as well as policy-makers and economic stakeholders.

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