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We’re sure you regularly indulge in yum cha, and through this workshop, you’ll learn the importance of choosing the right siu mai and har gow made with sustainable seafood.

At this workshop, get ready for…

  1. Dim sum food war

Prep your taste buds – we will be putting them to the test once again. Can you taste the difference between dim sum made with sustainably sourced ingredients and regular shop-bought varieties? Which taste better? Will you dim sum or lose sum?

We’ve enlisted the expertise of our friends at Pacific Rich Resources, a sustainable seafood supplier, to help you find out. We’re talking about sampling some signature local favourites like siu mai and har gow. We’ll let you and your stomachs be the judges.

2. Cooking demo

Most of us only know how to eat dim sum fresh from their bamboo baskets, but what about actually making sum? Be prepared to get out your notebook and pen, pay attention and take notes during our chef demo where you will learn how to make sustainably sourced dim sum from scratch.

How much: $120 for Foodie Club members/$200 for non-members (includes tasting items and a glass of wine)


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