Chef Patrick Verhoeven, founder of 238 the grill

“I have children, and I think it’s really important for everybody that they have fish in the future, and that’s why we only do sustainable seafood in our restaurant. People have to focus more on the fact of what is going on in the world instead of only eating stuff and not caring about the environment. Some people think fish comes from a factory, and that, of course, is not a fact.”

How can we do better?

First of all, know what you’re buying. Have a little bit of knowledge about seafood and where it’s coming from. When you go to a restaurant, you can ask them if this is sustainable seafood or not. And when the customers ask for sustainable seafood, maybe the restaurants will think as well: we must do something because there is demand for it.

Favourite seafood dish?

I love oysters and a seafood platter with crab and lobster, especially in Hong Kong with beer. That’s amazing.

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