Shakib Pasha, co-founder of Foxglove

“We choose to use sustainable seafood because we believe, firstly, it does taste better. If you’re farming or fishing sustainably, that usually means the company is also very ethical and you’re probably really getting what they’re advertising. It also means that it’s very consistent, and even though it’s slightly more expensive, we do feel that there’s a right reason behind it.”

How can we do better?

Firstly, there’s a lot of different certifications for sustainability, but the main one that you should look for is MSC. That certification means that [the seafood product] was fished or farmed ethically and [the fisheries] have sustainable practices. So look for [the MSC certification] when you’re buying [seafood] at your local grocery.

Favourite seafood dish?

My favourite is probably razor clams. They’re only in season for a very short time, but when they are, they’re extremely large and very juicy. [Editor’s note: Choose Right Today recommends clams from Canada and Ireland.]

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