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Larry Tang, founder of Locofama/Sohofama

“We understand the impact that consumers have. In Hong Kong, we have over 7.3 million people… So, where we spend our money actually impacts what kind of world we are building. Ninety per cent of our food right now is imported… [but] we consciously look at including some local sustainable seafood on our menus. I think today we can see that it’s not just about saving the ocean anymore. I think it’s about saving yourself, because plastic is already inside the stomachs of fish.”

How can we do better?

Honestly, I think it’s very challenging for people to make better seafood choices, and I’ve never had anyone call up the restaurant and say, ”Do you serve sustainable seafood? Otherwise we’re not going to come.” No one cares that much. For people who eat and cook at home, you go to the supermarket, you see live seafood. You go to the wet market, you see live seafood. [The importance of sustainable seafood] is really out of people’s minds right now.

Favourite seafood dish?

At Sohofama, the mud crab with sticky rice, which is like a healthier version of the very popular chilli crab, is my dad’s favourite and the prawn dish with egg yolk fried together; we actually named it after my mum. Those two are definitely my favourites.


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