Hong Kong imports over $3.6 billion worth of seafood yearly from between 150 to 170 different countries/territories.

From sea to plate, our seafood travels via a long chain of middlemen including shippers, wholesalers, and processors. Along this often opaque supply chain, important information such as seafood origin, species, or production methods are often insufficiently labelled, or mislabeled or missing altogether.

To help Hong Kong’s seafood industry overcome this challenge,
we recommend the following:

Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Coalition

The HKSSC is a coalition of industry members who aim to advance the sustainable seafood market in Hong Kong. The HKSSC drives its members towards better sourcing practices through the support of a Secretariat and engagement with expert groups.

Members of the coalition are also committed to its voluntary code of conduct for responsible seafood sourcing. Members’ sourcing practices are guided to tackle IUU fishing, overfishing, lack of traceability, improper farming practices and potential food safety threats.

Species Risk Assessment (SRA)

The SRA provides quick assessments for the sustainability of popular seafood in Hong Kong.

Developed by wild-caught fisheries and aquaculture experts, the SRA assesses the sustainability risks of different source locations for popular seafood items, to help seafood buyers identify the best available sustainable source.

These seafood assessments are open source, affordable, and aligned with the Sourcing Code of Conduct of the Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Coalition (HKSSC).

Find a sustainable seafood supplier

Browse our list of suppliers who are committed to providing sustainable seafood.

Find your sustainable seafood products here, or ask your suppliers for certified-sustainable options to let them know your demand for sustainable seafood products.

Disclaimer: The supply of sustainable seafood might vary across seasons. Please contact individual suppliers to confirm the supply of the item you want to source.