A recent survey shows sixty six per cent said the lack of information at the point of purchase is the main barrier to purchasing sustainable seafood, whereas almost half of Hong Kong’s consumers would pay a price premium for a product they know is environmentally friendly.

To put this in context, Hong Kong is the 2nd largest seafood consumer in Southeast Asia. Also, due to mislabelling and the lack of information as to where our seafood comes from, consumers have no way to identify what they are eating and it’s likely that their seafood was either illegally caught, sourced from unregulated fisheries, or at risk of disappearing from the oceans. Therefore, as consumers, we should ‘choose right’ and opt for seafood that is sustainable.


To raise the profile of sustainable seafood in Hong Kong and provide consumers with the opportunity to taste it first hand, the Ocean Recovery Alliance, Foodie, Choose Right Today and ADM Capital Foundation (ADMCF) have joined together to bring the Kin Hong Seafood Festival to Hong Kong’s seafood lovers. This international festival features over 100 organisations including restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, catering companies,  retailers, airlines and entertainment venues in Hong Kong, China, the US and the Philippines. All of them have committed to serving at least one dish containing sustainable seafood for the month of September.


So look out for restaurants that are part of the festival and enjoy seafood that is healthy and sustainable.

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