Size matters! Know your fish.

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Steamed fish is a staple for Hong Kong families and a favoured dish among diners in Chinese restaurants. We are perfectionists when it comes to our fish. Every step involved in cooking a dish has to be carried out flawlessly; even a few extra seconds on the stove will ruin the fish and the diner’s appetite. While both restaurants and…

Probably the best mussel bake recipe for this winter!

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There’s nothing better than a meal that warms us up on a cold winter night.  What do you fancy? Our pick is this Mussels Rockefeller recipe shared by Benjamin, founder of New Zealand products online store 178 Degrees. A Rockefeller is a style of cooking oysters in the half shell with spinach, bread crumbs and butter sauce. Chef James, a…

Food Origin

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Food Origin offers fresh and sustainable products with full traceability. They work closely with our producers who select the best products with the same quality as those they provide to the best Chefs in town. Their seafood is responsibly sourced from small artisanal fisheries along the French Atlantic Coast and from MSC certified fisheries. Their Packaging Recycling Program ensures what is brought…

Pacific Rich Resources

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Pacific Rich Resources ONLY sells sustainably accredited seafood such as MSC and ASC where a chain of custody proves the source, shipment and final delivery to you safely.  

A Recipe to Fight Climate Change

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About Chef Bo Sorensen Place of birth: Hong Kong Claims to fame: Dorchester Hotel, Burj Al Arab, Shangri-La Specialty cuisine: Modern with an Asian twist Favorite ingredient: Australian natives, like the finger lime Climate change is happening. Its effects are complex and far-reaching. We do not just experience more frequent extreme weather events; climate change disrupts our ecosystem in unfavorable…

Make Our Oceans Great Again

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From the Land to the Sea The capacity for the earth to produce food is under stress. The twin challenges of a rising population and stagnating crop yields demand a change in thinking. The invention of agriculture paved the way for human civilisation, but now terrestrial farming capacity is nearing its limits. Instead, the solution could lie in the oceans,…

Press Release: Hong Kong Seafood Supplier, Scientist and Green Group Call on Government to Strictly Regulate Out-of-Control Seafood Mislabeling in Local Supermarkets

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Hong Kong, 11 September 2018 Rainbow trout can now be labelled and sold as salmon in mainland China, according to media report quoting a Chinese government-affiliated organization, the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA), which is overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Story link: However, academics have claimed that rainbow trout if eaten raw, can…

Hong Kong Chefs Choose Sustainable Seafood: Pololi

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Steph Kudus, founder of Pololi “In the beginning, we were only focused on making really good poké for everyone. After around six months, I realised that we were going through so much fish that I felt like something needed to be done. I’m an avid scuba diver, and I’ve been to sites two years apart and they look completely different, so…