Plenty of Fish in the Sea, But Are They Sustainable?

ADMCF Aquaculture

Keshia Hannam of ‘Foodie’ highlights that a review of the UK’s restaurants conducted by MSC and Fish2fork in 2015 had surprising results, showing many popular eateries serving unsustainable seafood, with many big chain restaurants being less than transparent as to the origins of their seafood.

Boom or Bust: The Future of Fish in the South China Sea

ADMCF Aquaculture, Overfishing

Keishia Hannam points out Hong Kong’s dependence on imports for its seafood (90%); with 22% coming from the South China Sea. While this body of water is important in terms of food security, the fisheries there are anything but secure. Research by the University of British Columbia on the status of the fish stocks in the South China Sea show that if we…

Is aquaculture the answer to overfishing in the South China Sea?

Emily Botsford Aquaculture, Overfishing

Aquaculture is often perceived as being the sustainable solution to the severe overfishing and exploitation of our oceans (Greenpeace, 2008), but is that really the case? Asia accounts for the vast majority (about 88%) of global aquaculture production (FAO, 2014). The worldwide expansion of this sector from about 3 million tonnes in the 1970s to over 66 million tonnes in…