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Going Going Gone: The Trade in Live Reef Food Fish 2017

Since the late nineties, international governmental agencies, NGOs, academics and extensive literature have highlighted the unsustainability of the South East Asian Live Reef Food Fish Trade (LRFFT).

Despite the economic benefits for many involved, there is undeniably a dark side to this lucrative trade in colourful fishes which involves a wealth of issues... 

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Live Reef Food Fish Wet Market Survey

Live reef food fish (LRFF) are a staple of every Hong Kong family's dinner table. Whether in daily meals or celebration banquets, the dish of fish is omnipresent as a key source of protein and a sign of a wholesome meal.

On average, each Hong Kong person consumes 65.5 kg of seafood every year, putting Hong Kong in rank as the 2nd largest per capita consumer of seafood in Asia, and 8th largest in the world (WWF-Hong Kong, 2017).

Most of the live reef food fish retailed in Hong Kong today are imported...... 

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