Hong Kong offers a series of different shrimp species for seafood lovers to choose from, which could be daunting for those who just started to cook seafood at home!

Fortunately, like every rose has its thorn, every shrimp has an easily identifiable feature. For example, the common Whiteleg shrimp is easily identified by its pale body and legs.

In contrast, the Giant tiger prawn boasts a darker body color decorated by sharp blue, yellow, and black stripes. Besides these 2 species, the Kuruma prawn, renowned for its meaty texture, can be easily identified by bright blue markings on the tail.

For those serious about their seafood-cooking game, it is also possible to tell whether a shrimp is wild-caught or farmed by paying attention to its origins. For example, as Whiteleg shrimps only occur naturally in South America, Whiteleg shrimps from other countries are most likely to be farmed.

P.S. For extra assurance on quality, you can always opt for certified sustainable shrimps! The MSC certification assures your shrimp are from the wild, while the ASC certification assures a farmed origin. Additionally, both the MSC and ASC certifications guarantee traceability and sustainability of the whole production process, allowing you to enjoy seafood sustainably and healthily!

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