The Golden threadfin bream have been a common sight in Hong Kong households. In fact, so common that $100 bills are nicknamed after the fish, as they share the same vibrant red colour.

Yet, the fish’s population has shrunk by 30% over the 10 years and it is now a “Vulnerable” species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The Golden threadfin bream is now in the “Avoid” category of the latest WWF-HK Seafood Guide.

As supply goes down, wholesale prices rose accordingly, making this once accessible fish now a luxury. Culprits of decline are lack of management and overuse of inappropriate fishing methods like unregulated bottom trawling and longlining. If no improvements happen, this fishery resource might be gone in the future.

Lots of Hong Kong’s favourite fishes have also been listed as Vulnerable due to the lack of management. Suppose the situation does not improve, they might become Endangered in the future, one step closer to extinction.

If we’d still like to enjoy the Golden threadfin bream in the future, we must act now. We can help safeguard seafood resources by avoiding consuming threatened species. The WWF-HK seafood guide (link in bio) lists seafood species that we should avoid as well as sustainable seafood recommendations.

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