Trying to cook seafood at home, but not sure how to choose it or cook it right? To help all fellow seafood lovers cook like a chef, we have invited Marc Briol, Corporate Executive Chef of KIN Food Halls to share his top tips on choosing quality shrimps and treating them at home.

Tip 1.

When choosing fresh shrimps: look for shrimps with an overall lively attitude and actively paddling legs

Tip 2.

When choosing frozen shrimps: look for a shiny appearance on the shrimp’s body, as well as small gas bubbles when defrosted.

Tip 3.

Devein your shrimps: Black veins that are sometimes present in shrimps contain the shrimp’s waste – simply insert a needle under the shells to pick it out.

Tip 4.

Don’t waste your heads and shells! Save them for cooking soups and sauces to maximize the taste of umami.

P.S. To enjoy seafood while being mindful of conserving the world’s precious fishery resources, opt for certified sustainable shrimps! The MSC certification assures your shrimp are from the wild, while the ASC certification assures a farmed origin. Additionally, both the MSC and ASC certifications guarantee traceability and sustainability of the whole production process, allowing you to enjoy seafood sustainably and healthily!

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